The Contender Challenge is a capital campaign project developed by  the Faith Baptist Schools Alumni Association. In raising the desired funds and completing this challenge we will meet three initial, overarching goals:

  • To Build and Install an “Earnestly Contend for the Faith” Monument

  • To Establish an Endowment called the “Faith Fund” (tuition-focused; need-based)

  • In accomplishing the first two, the challenge will, at the same time, organically meet the third goal which is to strengthen and unify an alumni association that will function in a more clearly defined and goal-oriented manner.

The initial monetary goal will be to raise $300,000 over 3 years, or a quarter per quarter ($25,000 per quarter over 12 quarters / 3 years). Although the monument will be the focal piece and main receptacle of initial donor funds, it will also become the main vehicle and facilitator for future development of the Alumni Association and the Faith Fund. Hence, this is really a “project in perpetuity” or one that keeps on giving so that you as a donor can continue to have your name attached to the monument project into the future. In other words, any money raised through this monument’s capital campaign past the initial 3 years and $300,000 will continue to overflow into the Faith Fund and build the endowment. 

Some Monumentally Fun Facts:

  • The actual horse and rider monument - sans pedestal base - will weigh approximately 3 tons.

  • Large donors, i.e., $10,000 and up can receive a 2-3 ft. maquette from the foundry.

  • Along with the pedestal base, the height of the monument can reach up to 18 ft.

  • The pedestal will contain (engraved in granite) the name of the sponsors in relation to their composition, i.e., individual sponsors, graduating classes as sponsors, memorials, etc.

The lost wax sculpture process / casting technique can produced bronze works that last thousands of years!







Charlie Misseijer | Contender Challenge



Tamra Misseijer | Monument

Contender Monument 

Fundraising Goal by Class

Alumni Friends Donors0%
Class of 20165%
Class of 20150%
Class of 20140%
Class of 20130%
Class of 20120%
Class of 2011 - 0%
Class of 20100%
Class of 20090%
Class of 20080%
Class of 20070%
Class of 20060%
Class of 20050%
Class of 20040%
Class of 20030%
Class of 20020%
Class of 20010%
Class of 20000%
Class of 19990%
Class of 19980%
Class of 19970%
Class of 19960%
Class of 19950%
Class of 19940%
Class of 19930%
Class of 19920%
Class of 19910%
Class of 19900%
Class of 19890%


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