The Faith Baptist Schools Alumni Association Historical Timeline

  • 2007 December – Following a discussion at the November Coffee with the Principal, Kaarel and Susan Hamersky presented a written proposal to Stephania Rasmussen, the Secondary Supervisor of Faith Baptist Schools, outlining concept of an alumni gala with the long-term purpose of reconnecting to alumni and providing an avenue to organize an alumni association.
  • 2008 February – Stephania Rasmussen presents Gala proposal to School Board which gave unanimous approval to proceed.
  • 2008 March – Gala plans begin in earnest with date and venue secured and the theme of “Alumni Gala:  Celebrating 45 Years” chosen.  A kickoff meeting with class coordinators is held at the home of Shawn Clark Bowers.
  • 2008 July - The First Alumni Gala is held at the Warner Center Marriott.  The event exceeds all expectations with over 330 guests in attendance.  Extensive memorabilia was collected for display.  Honors were presented to Fletcher & Evy Anderson for their role in the early development of the school.  Robert Tubbs (‘84) was honored as his football jersey is retired.  Earlier in the day, many attended a tour of the school which was hosted by Stephania and Roland Rasmussen Jr. and followed by a bring-your-own-picnic lunch on the field.
  • 2008 August – Alumni Association was formed; By-laws drafted.  Officers:  John Berry ‘70, President; Debbie Chastain ‘72, Vice-president; Steve Labins ‘72, Secretary; Kaarel Hamersky ‘74, Treasurer.
  • 2008 October – This was the first Homecoming that the Alumni Association was involved in.  The focus was on welcoming alumni and their families.  Included was an Alumni Welcome Booth, free continental breakfast, and special events and prizes.  Alumni band members joined the Pep Band in playing the National Anthem.  An alumni dinner that evening was hosted at the Hamersky home.
  • 2009 June – The first Alumni Association Award was presented to graduating senior Meljon Salazar.
  • 2009 Sept – The first Alumni Association election of officers took place.
  • 2012 July – Planning began for the 2013 Gala marking the 50th Anniversary of Faith Baptist Schools.
  • 2013 July – “Alumni Gala:   A Golden Celebration” was held at Warner Center Marriott.  Honorees:  Dave and Barbara Fizz; Margaret Yoshida.
  • 2015 March – Brainstorming and planning for the “Contender Challenge” capital campaign begins with newly elected president of the Alumni Association, Charlie Misseijer. Current school parent and renowned lost-wax process bronze sculptor, Dan Medina, is brought in to consult and design an “Earnestly Contend for the Faith” monument as a focal point of this project.
  • 2015 May – Initial plans for the “Contender Challenge” are presented to school stakeholders.
  • 2015 June – School stakeholders and Alumni Board approve the “Contender Challenge” as well as a new alumni website.
  • 2015 October – Over 100 alumni check in at the Alumni Association registration table for Homecoming 2015.
  • 2015 November – The simultaneous launch of the new alumni association website and the “Contender Challenge” takes place.



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